Music Videos

Rob Higginbotham  |  Black Coffee
Nashville, TN
John McGlynn  |  Sarah Jane
2002  |  Sky
Dallas, TX
Chirpy  |  Heavy Hearted
Dublin, Ireland
Quinn O'Donnell  |  Who I Am
Nashville, TN
Ashley Davis  |  Night Travels
Abilene, TX


Ashley Davis
Nashville, TN
Dublin, Ireland
Rob Higginbotham
Nashville, TN
Dallas, TX

Live Performance

Isaac Eicher  |  Easier
Nashville, TN
Karen Ballew  |  Flame of Truth
Nashville, TN
Dark Waters Project  | The Wall
Nashville, TN
Rob Higginbotham  |  Get Right Back
Nashville, TN



720 Rundle Ave.

Nashville, TN 37210

Tel: 615-720-4816



The name "Blue Eclipse Films" wasn't chosen at random by owner Brad Ballew. Instead, it speaks to the vision of the company and what it offers the creative community at large.


Brad moved to Nashville from Dallas, TX in 2017 just in time to witness the Great American Solar Eclipse. It was an extraordinary event that evoked an incredible sense of wonder.


Blue Eclipse Films was created to tap into that same sense of wonder and produce inventive content that surprises, excites, and creates experiences that will stick with viewers long afterwards.


We love to push the boundaries of creativity and use the latest production tools to tell stories in unexpected ways. In a sea of video content, we want to give people something that they will remember and want to revisit time and time again.