Get live video/audio recordings for up to 4 songs for just $100. 


It doesn't cost anything to sign up. Just choose your time slot, enter your contact info, and submit at the bottom of the page. 

We'll then contact you with more information regarding the shoot and what to expect when you come in.

Here's what you get:

- 1 Hour to record 3-4 songs at Story Forge Studios

- Professional Video/Audio recording

- Delivered Edited videos and Raw Video/Audio files

A couple of notes:

This is just for solo artists. Our audio set up is very simple including 1 mic for vocals, 1 mic for an instrument, and a 1/4 in instrument cable if you prefer to plug in directly. 


If you have a group that needs recording, then we have other options for that. Email me at to learn more.

We will do audio tests at the start of your session to make sure that we are recording a good mix of your live performance; however, we do not offer any additional post mixing/mastering after the shoot.

The edited videos will have the live recorded mix, but we will be happy to swap out any new mixes you create with the raw files.

We do allow 1 round of revisions for minor adjustments to the video. There will be a charge for any additional revisions afterwards.


The Solo Sessions takes place at: 

Story Forge Studios

720 Rundle Ave, Nashville TN 37210